Terms & Conditions

Ohio Veterans Art Exhibition 2023


The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery ("the Gallery") will exercise the same care with respect to the work of art referred to in this contract ("the work") as it does in the safekeeping of comparable property of its own.

Accepted artwork must be dropped off at the Ohio Department of Veterans Services (“ODVS”) on Friday, October 6 or Saturday, October 7, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. If you are unable to drop off your artwork on the above date, shipping or installation arrangements must be made with Constituent Affairs Administrator Ali Yogmour at ali.yogmour@dvs.ohio.gov. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. Pieces in the exhibition must remain on display in the exhibition through the artwork pickup date, regardless of sale.

The work will remain in the possession of the Gallery but may be withdrawn from the exhibition at any time by the Ohio Arts Council. The work will be returned only to the lender unless ODVS is notified in writing to the contrary. If the legal ownership of the work shall change during the pendency of this loan, whether by reason of death, sale, insolvency, gift or otherwise, the new owner may, prior to its return, be required to establish their legal right to receive the work by proof satisfactory to ODVS.

The gallery will provide blanket insurance coverage for works of art for the duration of the exhibition including installation, and de-installation.

If the lender chooses to maintain their own insurance, the Gallery must be supplied with a certificate of insurance naming the Gallery as an additional assured or waiving subrogation against the Gallery. If the lender shall fail to supply the gallery with such a certificate, this agreement shall constitute a release of the Gallery from any liability in connection with the work. The Gallery cannot accept responsibility for any error or deficiency in information furnished to the lender’s insurer or for any lapses in coverage.

It is understood that the Gallery will not clean, restore or otherwise alter the work without consent of the lender. The Gallery assumes the right, unless specifically denied by the lender, to examine the work by all photographic means available. Information thus gathered will remain confidential and will not be published without written consent of the lender.

ODVS’s right to return the work shall accrue absolutely at the termination of the loan. If ODVS, after making all reasonable efforts and through no fault of its own, shall be unable to return the work within sixty days after such termination, then ODVS shall have the absolute right to place the work in storage, to charge regular storage fees and cost of insurance therefore, and to have and enforce a lien for such fees and costs. If, after five years, the work shall not have been reclaimed, then, and in consideration for its storage, insurance, safeguarding during such period, the work shall be deemed an unrestricted gift to the ODVS.

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